La Stanza


Italians consider certain things in life “sacred”. The kitchen, la Mamma, food della Mamma. At restaurant La Stanza attention is being paid, with an almost religious affection, to the Pasta, the leg of Lamb, the Pannacotta and, of course, the Coffie-bean.

However, if you expect to find a Mamma in the kitchen, you’ll be in for a big surprise…. The honours are done by cooks who are not only perfectly at home with the Italian kitchen, but also feel an admiration – call it a devotion if you will – for the French cuisine.

On our Menu which is changed four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter) you will be able to find several courses of haute-cuisine quality.

Restaurant La Stanza is situated in the shipping district of Rotterdam, an area with many restaurants. Looking at it from the outside, one would hardly expect to find one of Rotterdam’s finest restaurant gardens behind this stately facade. During the summer it is lovely eating outside on a terrace with the charm of a piazza and the beauty of a garden. Here you can, with a fork, prick from the fresh fish, while surrounded by the buzzing of other guests. Dine here while nightfall is slowly setting in…. Also, during the other seasons of the year, La Stanza offers you a cosy table inside. Dining outside on the veranda for that matter, is also possible during an indian summer and an early spring.

The upper room of the restaurant offers space for up to 40 people. There is a balcony with folding doors enabling your party to enjoy a separate and quiet dinner. This room is also eminently suitable for a luncheon or meeting. For bigger parties La Stanza has the disposal of a room with bar for 65 persons and a room for 80 persons.